Homeland Security Meetings: Meet at the Waterfront


The prefecture reminds the population that the internal security meetings, initiated by the Ministry of the Interior, are taking place today and tomorrow on the seafront in Marigot. Security actors will be at your disposal to explain their daily missions. 

This week, this event also allowed the police to make students aware of road risks in educational establishments. The kickoff of this 3rd edition is scheduled for this morning at 8:45 am, in the presence of the prefect Anne Laubies and the vice-president Guillaume Arnell, on the seafront.

Here is a reminder of the activities:


- 9:30 am: large scale fire brigade and use of a fire hose

- 10:15 am: vehicle control by the gendarmerie.

- 10:45 am: arrest on the public highway, with artificial use of the taser.


- 11:00 am: SNSM / SDIS / CRF demonstration based on a scenario with a boat on fire.


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