RENOVATION OF THE TERRITORY: The Collectivity will proceed with the demolition of several wastelands


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin is currently continuing its program of renovation and development of the territory and launched, as of Monday, March 20, 2023, a program of major demolition work.


Six demolition projects are scheduled for the next few months as part of the urban renewal and post-Hurricane Irma reconstruction program. The Living Environment delegation, chaired by the 2nd Vice-President, Bernadette Davis, will start the first demolition work this week.

1- The first installment will begin this week and will concern the site of the Omnisports hall of Galisbay. This intervention will require 9 weeks of work.

The site will be completely cleaned of all waste and materials present for 5 years, the enclosure will be condemned, before being able to launch the complete rehabilitation of the building during this mandate. The Sports Department is currently working on the renovation project which will soon be arbitrated by local elected officials.

2- The Collectivity will carry out the demolition of the wasteland of the former "Le Mini-Club" restaurant, located on the public domain (namely 50 geometric steps), in Marigot. The site will be cleaned and left blank. Work will also begin this week.

3- The Collectivity also planned the demolition and reconstruction of the Sandy Ground tennis club. Work will begin on Monday. The reconstruction work contract has already been awarded.

4- The Collectivity will carry out the demolition of old villas damaged by Irma, located behind the Grand Saint-Martin in Galisbay. Owned by the Community for a short time, the site will be left untouched, before initiating a project to embellish and develop public spaces in this area. Demolition work will begin at the end of May 2023, for 6 weeks of work.

5- The Collectivity will launch, in July 2023, the building demolition damaged on the seafront of Marigot, on the site of the old lolos. A complete rehabilitation project for this area is scheduled as part of the land development of the Seafront. The demolition will require 8 weeks of work. The site will be left clean while waiting to launch the reconstruction phase of the new project.

6- Finally, the Collectivity programmed the partial demolition of the former gendarmerie in Quartier d'Orléans. The 4 buildings where the gendarmes' accommodation was located cannot be recovered and will therefore be demolished. This will make it possible to enlarge the playground of the nearby kindergarten. The rest of the site will be rehabilitated and will be considered for its future use.

President Louis Mussington thanks the population for their understanding during the demolition work which will last several months. The objective is to move forward and continue the renovation and development program of Saint-Martin with the aim of improving the attractiveness of the territory and the living environment of its inhabitants.


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