Back to school 2016-2017: The message of the President of the Community, Aline Hanson


On these back-to-school days, I extend my best wishes to the teaching staff, the management staff and the teaching teams, as well as all the territorial agents assigned to the schools of Saint-Martin. I take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome to the teachers who are taking up their new position in our territory.

I also wish a very good start to the parents' associations and union organizations; with a special message for parents to whom I ask to follow the education of their children with the greatest attention. I also ask them to create a favorable framework for studying in the family home and to ensure that the children benefit from a balanced meal between classes.

I would like to reassure those involved in education on the will of the community to do everything in their power to create optimal learning conditions for the students, with constant listening to everyone's needs.

I know that each of you will give the best of himself for the educational success of the students and I thank you for that, because we all strive towards the same objective: to accompany our youth towards excellence.

Finally, I address myself to the students in whom we have great hope. I wish them a great start to the school year and encourage them to work tirelessly for the sake of their own success. I also ask them to adopt an exemplary behavior at school and also on school transport so that they too participate in a peaceful and studious atmosphere within the school. I am addressing myself in particular to the older ones who must set an example to the younger ones, by adopting civic behavior towards their comrades and respecting the school environment.

I know I can count on everyone's good will. Very good school year to all!

Aline Hanson

President of the territorial council of Saint-Martin

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