Social Networks: Facebook, still in turmoil!


Created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook with its 2,2 billion users is the most important social network in the world; the giant Facebook notably has its former competitors WhatsApp (1 billion users) and Instagram (1,5 billion users). Increasingly neglected by young people in favor of Snapchat, Facebook remains the second most visited website in the world.

The group is regularly at the center of controversies for the use of personal data. The social network is often the target of attacks and accusations; criticized by former employees, accused of data leaks, attacked by elected officials who accuse Mark Zuckerberg of having terrifying power: “his political influence, his disproportionate weight on the flow of information as well as his unconscious management of data personalities make them the most harmful monopoly in the world. ”

If users continue despite the controversy to keep their Facebook accounts it is nevertheless without dedicating a deep acrimony towards the founder often accused of being a liar. Summoned last April to the United States Congress, he was questioned at length about the group's high permeability regarding personal data.

The founder of Facebook then assured them that subscribers do have “absolute control” of the information they share on the Facebook platform.

These remarks before Congress appear today as one more lie because Facebook is once again in turmoil: the New York Times after a long and tedious investigation revealed that for years, Facebook has been making information available to companies. millions of confidential data: friends lists, email addresses, phone numbers and even access to Messenger conversations!

Netflix, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Yahoo, the list goes on for over 150 company names; these Facebook business partners were exempt from Facebook's privacy rules. Mak Zuckerberg would even have made an agreement with Netflix and Spotify so that they can access the reading of private messages!

To defend itself, the social network affirms that users must "explicitly give their agreement on Facebook" before providing such access to data - these very long texts of the regulations that we never read; therefore, if Facebook has indeed given all confidential information to the web giants, this was not done implicitly!

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