Saint-Martin Nature Reserve: 356 sea and land patrols carried out in 2023


During the year 2023, the commissioned-sworn agents of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve carried out 204 patrols at sea and 152 on land.

Of the 204 sea trips carried out throughout 2023, 24 non-compliant checks were noted in various areas: undeclared commercial companies, nighttime anchoring without authorization, fishing actions, use of drones prohibited in this protected area.

For boaters wishing to anchor at Tintamarre in the evening, the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve Management Association (AGRNSM) reminds of the need to submit a request at least three days in advance.

Otherwise, 152 patrols on land took place, revealing 24 non-compliant controls: kiting practices on Galion beach, use of a drone, fishermen on foot on the coast, areas where regulations aim to protect the endemic fauna and flora…

A report was issued by the environmental police department on November 21 against a commercial company whose French-flagged boat was operating without authorization in the waters of the nature reserve.

A Sint Maarten company owning several outboard motor boats has had its authorization to operate in the nature reserve suspended for two weeks. This sanction follows a violation of anchorage regulations, requiring that anchors be placed more than 20 meters from Tintamarre beach. The boat in question had anchored just 10 meters from the beach, endangering the marine ecosystem and the safety of bathers.

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