Throwback to the closing evening of Job Dating BTP in Marigot


Despite last-minute rescheduling caused by the passage of tropical storm Fiona, the third edition of the employment and training caravan dedicated to the construction industry, based this time in Marigot, was a definite success. 

This Friday, September 23 from 15 p.m. to 19 p.m., Job Dating BTP was set up in the central parking lot of the Collectivité in Marigot after a session in Quartier d'Orléans and Sandy Ground on September 14 and 15. This device is organized by the Collectivity with the support financed by the State and carried by the project manager, Fabiola Rioual whose work was rightly congratulated during the closing speeches. In addition to the presence of representatives of construction companies who had a stand during the afternoon, several officials joined the site of the operation around 19 p.m., including Louis Mussington, president of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, Vincent Berton, prefect delegate of the Northern Islands, many territorial councilors as well as Martine Beldor, member of the Executive Council and president of the Commission for Employment, Apprenticeship, Training and Integration who, according to the president of the COM during his speech "was able to meet the high expectations of Saint-Martin youth looking for a job". Still in this same speech, Louis Mussington intended to create social ties with a real political will by reaching out to young people in the neighborhoods and "getting closer to this fringe of young people who doubt, who do not trust the system". Job Dating in the construction industry was also a means of raising awareness among professionals in the sector of the importance of local hiring. A recent visit to the prison of Basse-Terre particularly marked Louis Mussington, a prison which he describes as an "unworthy, horrible place", and which motivates him to take the necessary measures so that the young people of Saint-Martin do not fall into the delinquency. “We are going to do everything we can to speed up the process and that a certain number of construction sites start, when you see the cranes in the sky, the construction industry is in motion, it is an opportunity for young people looking for work and businesses", also guarantees a good economy. In terms of figures concerning this flagship measure driven by the Community in partnership with the CCISM represented by its general manager Julien Bataille, Pôle emploi and the local Mission of Saint-Martin, 53 companies have responded over the past four months. 1105 people seeking employment or training attended the latest events. Martine Beldor will have the task of accelerating the process to start training in order to increase the employability of young people in the territory. Twenty contracts were entered into between July and August via the system. There are 32 people who are undergoing refresher training during the month of September. Louis Mussington, proud of the work carried out by his teams, is delighted with the results which he considers “encouraging”. Before sharing a glass of friendship around a rich buffet, Fabiola Rioual, project manager, invited Vincent Berton, delegate prefect of the Northern Islands to speak. As a reminder, the Job Dating BTP is financed within the framework of the Ultramarine Pact for Investment in Skills promoted by the State and Vincent Berton feels the immense responsibility to bring young people towards these trades in the BTP which the territory needs in view of the future projects, whether it be, for example, college 600 or 900. “It is a major issue if we want to avoid strong social tensions, we are mobilized and aware of this. _VX


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