Retirement: Visit of the CNAV's retirement director for the French overseas departments


Retirement business manager in support of the CGSS (General Social Security Fund) within the CNAV (National Old Age Insurance Fund) Marie-Claude Salagnad was in Guadeloupe as part of her duties. On the occasion of the Blue Week, she came to Saint-Martin to know and understand the issues specific to the territory. Interview.


• Faxinfo: What is your job?

Marie-Claude Salagnad: I am in support on the job, for all that is production, initial and continuous training, piloting advice and reporting, for the four CGSS of the overseas departments, plus the Social Security Fund of Mayotte. So, both an advisory and reporting function with my director Renaud Villard and the supervisory authorities.

• Faxinfo: We describe you as someone in the field…

Marie-Claude Salagnad: I come to the CGSS of the overseas departments quite regularly, because I am someone in the field and it is only by being in the field that we know the situations well. We can exchange by being close to agents, executives, pilots to better understand the issues and thus bring my experience. I came to Guadeloupe as part of my duties, always with support, and I work almost daily with Ms. Betty Besry, the retirement director of Guadeloupe, and with the accounting and financial director.

• Faxinfo: Why did you come to Saint-Martin?

Marie-Claude Salagnad: I have been to Guadeloupe several times and I had been raised with the issue of Saint-Martin. This morning (Tuesday, October 8, editor's note), I participated in the Retreat Days and I received insured persons, which allows me to understand the problems of Saint Martin related to immigration, to language problems…

Faxinfo: Are you already faced with this kind of problem?

Marie-Claude Salagnad: These are things that we know in mainland France, in the overseas departments, but I think it is even more important in Saint-Martin, with people who are not familiar with administrative procedures. So it allows me to integrate well how, as a National Fund, we can bring a little more help, support, advice on this territory of Saint-Martin where I really realized that here it is proximity service which is important.

• Faxinfo: What can be the solutions to solve these problems?

Marie-Claude Salagnad: The solutions to solve these problems do not only go through the workforce, it also goes through the organization and I think these Retirement Days are interesting, because the insured come. I really believe in proximity and if I have to defend something, especially for the territory of Saint-Martin, it is to pay particular attention and to welcome the insured. Currently, we have only one retirement advisor in Saint-Martin, and even if the other people of the CGSS agency know and show their competence on retirement, they are more specialized on the disease. This is something that I could defend vis-à-vis my supervisory authorities.

• Faxinfo: What advice would you give to future retirees?

Marie-Claude Salagnad: The file can be processed in Guadeloupe, anywhere, once we have all the elements. We must explain to future retirees what we need as documents so that their file goes as quickly as possible. I saw him this morning with special problems, like people who don't necessarily have up-to-date residence permits or the loss of documents with Irma… If there are particular situations, there are also specific solutions…


(Interview by RM)

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