Romeo Piper replaces Mireille Meus at the territorial council


Mireille Meus resigned from her post as regional councilor on August 16 for “professional reasons”. Member of Team Gibbs, she must be replaced by the candidate following her name on the list, in this case Romeo Piper.

To be effective, this replacement must be approved by the other members of the territorial council. The first plenary session since the resignation of Ms. Meus took place Thursday, October 28, so it was during this that the elected officials were able to unanimously validate the installation of a new territorial advisor in the person of Romeo Piper. The latter will officially sit at the next meeting. He will also occupy the functions that his colleague occupied as a member or vice-president of various committees.

In a message to her colleagues, Mireille Meus confided "resigning to serve the population as closely as possible" and said she was "proud to have been able to put her stone in the building" within the majority. (

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