Rounders The “Reformers” team from Saint-Martin shines in Guadeloupe!


The Sports Association "Reformers Rounders" from Saint-Martin recently moved to Guadeloupe to face their counterparts from the "Gideons Strikers". With a victory at stake!

As a reminder, Rounders is a variant of baseball which is very popular with the British. Its simple rules of the game make this sport very accessible to all, regardless of player level or age.

The game is more permissive than classic baseball. For example, the pitcher can throw the ball between the legs of the catcher or over his head, the ball will be counted as being good. These relaxations in the classic rules of baseball make the game more fun to have a good time with family or friends.

Let us now return to the beautiful victory of the “Reformers” who won at Pointe d'Or, in Les Abymes, against the “Gideons Strikers”.

The duration of the match was 80 overs, 40 for each of the two teams (note: 1 over is equal to 6 balls).

The total of 40 overs for the "Reformers Rounders" amounts to 363 points against 340 points for the "Gideons Strikers".

Congratulations to the best scorers, in this case Gemma Richardson 138 points, Maria Joseph 49 and Angelina Edwards 38.

Good job girls ! _AF

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