RSA: tightening of conditions for obtaining


The conditions for granting the Active Solidarity Income (RSA) were modified during the last Territorial Council. The objective of this deliberation, adopted by the majority, is to reduce the cost of the RSA which weighs down the budget of the Collectivity.

It was Ramona Connor, the vice-president in charge of the solidarity and families pole, who explained to the elected officials the new rules for allocating the RSA. Foreigners in a regular situation must justify a residence permit of at least ten years - instead of five years - allowing them to work in France. These new conditions will apply to the allowances due for July 2016. Ms. Connor clarified that the Collectivity wanted to fight against “social tourism”. The Council also voted for the partial demonetization of the benefits paid under the RSA, using a specific credit card usable only in Saint-Martin.

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