RUGBY: Entente Archigirls/Rascasses bows against Bruc despite strong resistance


Victorious at the end of April on the ground of the Rose in Guadeloupe against the Entente du Bastruc and RC Goyave (22-17), the Entente des Iles du Nord, Archigirls / Rascasses de Saint-Barth had to admit defeat during the arrival of the Bruc at the Thelbert Carti stadium in Quartier d'Orléans.

For their penultimate meeting of the season, the Archigirls and Rascasses had the honor of treading the beautiful synthetic lawn of the Thelbert Carti stadium. Despite a real desire to do well, the Entente des Iles du Nord suffered the domination of the visiting team at the start of the game. The local defense took on water several times during the first period.

Led to the score, the Archigirls and Rascasses reacted well during the 2rd and 3rd period by scoring four tries. Unfortunately, the gap on the scoreboard was too big to hope to come back to match their adversary one day.

After the final whistle,  Fanny Galipaud's teammates feel they have produced a good collective performance. A good omen before facing in June the ogre of the championship, the Good-Luck. _AF


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