RUGBY: The Archiball are organizing the… Archipiades on Saturday!


In this Olympic year, the Archiball invite you to take up the ARCHIPIADES challenge this Saturday, May 7 on Galion Beach from 10 am.

The ARCHIPIADS is in fact a modern and fun decathlon. Among the 10 events planned: paddle surfing race, tire towing, bag race, blind race… The teams will be made up of 6 members. To oversee this event, the Archiballs called on intractable, conscientious and bad faith international referees of course. The medal ceremony and the drawing of lots for the rugby school raffle will close the sporting part of the day to make way for the traditional 3rd half dear to all rugby players. We are expecting many of you for this family and sports day. _AF

For all information, you can consult the ARCHIPIADES facebook page.

Information on 06 90 70 12 79 Florent or 06 90 18 31 08 Laurent.


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