RUGBY / The Archiballs received 5 out of 5! Archiball: 35 – BRUC: 12


On the occasion of the reception of the BRUC of Guadeloupe, the Archiball won a fifth consecutive victory in as many meetings. Who says better ?

The proteges of the Jean-Luc Blancafort – Julien Faurois duo confirmed their current good dispositions by winning the most logically in the world against BRUC with the final score of 35 to 12.

The XV of Saint-Martin even offered the luxury of obtaining the offensive bonus thanks to its number of tries scored during the eighty minutes. An improved victory that allows the Archiballs to retain the lead in the Guadeloupe Elite championship.

It now remains for the undisputed leader to finish the job during his trip to Guadeloupe scheduled for April 8 on the Good-Luck site. An opponent who had caused a lot of trouble for Archiball on behalf of the 3rd day.

The Saint-Martinois had indeed imposed themselves during the last seconds of the meeting thanks to a penalty from “Super-Louis” (22-20).

Suffice to say that the men of Jean-Luc Blancafort will have to put all the necessary ingredients to remain undefeated and celebrate the title of champion of Guadeloupe as it should be. The appointment is made! _AF

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