RUGBY: More than 60 people present at the Archiball club partners’ evening


The famous rugby spirit reigned during the partners' evening organized on June 6 at Grape Wine in Hope Estate. A moment of exchange, presentation, and thanks, between the Archiball club and the establishments in the area.
It was at the Grape Wine store run by Alain Julia that the Archiball leaders invited the club's partners and elected officials from the Community to a reception to thank them for the support they provide to the club. The president, Rachel Masi, David Rondeau, treasurer as well as the many volunteer leaders and players thanked all the partners who keep the club alive, as well as the Community for its help. These partners who allow the 170 licensees and the women's section to operate throughout the season.
“A huge thank you to all the companies who honored this evening with their presence. Your support is precious to us and helps to make the Archiball colors shine,” David Rondeau underlined to the large audience.
With an annual budget of 135 euros, the club must face major expenses linked in particular to the exorbitant prices of plane tickets for travel of its youth, women's and senior teams outside the territory. To this large item of expenditure, we must also add the maintenance of the stadium and the rugby school.
To help the club contribute to the development of sport and rugby in the region, Archiball needs you! You can send a message to the club's Facebook page, the team in place will be happy to count you among the club's partners in line with the values ​​of rugby for next season. _AF


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