Saba: Great success of the 2023 “Lobster & Rum” Festival


The neighboring island, which can be seen to the south on a clear day and nicknamed “The Immaculate and Preserved Queen” by its 2000 inhabitants, was the scene of the “Rum & Lobster Fest” from November 5 to 12.

The Saba Tourism Office promoted the festival which attracted new visitors attracted by this original event.

Fifteen restaurants participated in the festival. Each of them had concocted succulent recipes based on lobster, accompanied by local vegetables and spices and flavored with the numerous “Unspoiled Queen Liquors” arranged rums.

In this regard, every Sunday a tasting of these rums takes place at the Tropics Cafe in Windwardside, the second town of Saba, the main one being “The Bottom”. Each participant must guess which fruits and spices flavor them.

Don't forget the two historic attractions which are the sublime hikes including the famous climb to the top of the volcano as well as scuba diving. A must in the Caribbean.


Saba: a truly unique island

Christopher Columbus would have discovered this tiny island during his exploration in 1493 but would have found it of no interest. For a long time, the island saw a succession of new sovereigns. However, since 1816, it has definitely belonged to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. For centuries, the Sabeans made their living from navigation and fishing. The inhabitants made the island habitable using their hands alone. The most beautiful examples are the roads cut into the mountain rock.

Saba is an ancient volcano whose summit rises to an altitude of 877 meters. Its surface area is 13 km², a little more than half of St. Barths.


The famous Saba Bank (in English: Saba Bank)

It is a coral reef and a submerged atoll to the south of Saba, a paradise for diving enthusiasts.

By area, it is the largest actively growing atoll in the Atlantic Ocean. It has always been a popular fishing area. The Saba Bank became a national park in 2010 to protect its rich biodiversity. The abundant lobster fishing, which also supplies Saint-Martin, tends to be regulated.

  The hotel park

We stayed at “Cottage Club”, a traditional hotel made up of pretty, very comfortable bungalows with a swimming pool and sea view. A real pleasure.

Saba has around 130 accommodations including hotel rooms and cottages.


We tested and enjoyed it during our stay

-Bizzy B Café & Bakery in Windwardside for its coffee and pastries

-Ocean Club restaurant for its lobster tacos

-Rum tasting at Tropics Café and dinner including an legendary lobster bisque

-Breakfast at Island Flavor, top.

-Lunch at Bubba for the starter (with visit to their pretty, very well-stocked cellar), and the rest at Saba Gourmet with lobster thermidor and succulent desserts.

Without forgetting the Harry L. Johnson museum which traces the history and life on Saba, as well as the workshop of “Marie de Saba”, a French woman who designs magnificent jewelry and teaches her art. Other local artisans also offer unique creations to discover.



15 minutes from us, there is a small, quiet, relaxing island, on which you will spend wonderful moments of relaxation and, for the more sporty, exploring but also gastronomy. You will come back enchanted.

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