Saint Martin at Agoa time 


The Agoa mammal sanctuary is part of the agency for marine protected areas, a public establishment dedicated to the protection of the marine environment. Dolphin and whale lovers will meet tomorrow at the first edition of the “Kozé Agoa 2015” evening. A great moment of sharing with the sanctuary team.   

Thursday, from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m., at the Sandy Ground cultural center, the public will be able to meet researchers, institutions and professionals passionate about these impressive mammals. The objective of this event, whose entry is free, is to introduce the region's dolphins and whales to the population to better protect them. The next day, the members of the Agoa management board will meet in the same place to take stock of their various awareness-raising actions. On this occasion, they will also discuss their new management plan.


Role of the Agoa sanctuary

Recognized in 2012 as a specially protected area under the SPAW protocol (Specialy Protected Areas and Wildlife), the Agoa sanctuary aims to "guarantee a good conservation status of marine mammals by protecting them and their habitats from direct negative impacts or indirect, proven or potential, human activities ”, indicates the institution. Protect, know, exchange, raise awareness and cooperate are the five principles of the declaration of creation of the sanctuary, covering the area of ​​the French West Indies, an area of ​​143.256 km².

Here is the program of interventions for "Kozé Agoa 2015":

"Know the marine mammals", with Sophie Bedel, Agoa scientific and technical project manager

"Agoa, a marine protected area", with Amandine Eynaudi, delegate from the Agoa Marine Protected Areas Agency

"Improve Whale watching to observe without disturbing", with Jean-Pierre Concaud, director of Guadeloupe Evasion Découverte

"Synergy between marine protected areas", with Nicolas Maslach, curator of the Saint-Martin Nature Reserve

"Tourism within Agoa", with Kate Richardson, director of the Saint-Martin Tourist Office

"Twinning: strengthening cooperation", with Daniel Langlois, director of the Saguenay Marine Park

"2016 Remmoa campaign in the Antilles", with Vincent Ridoux, director of the Pelagis observatory, CNRS-University of La Rochelle.

"Yarari, a new sanctuary created between Saba and Bonaire", with Paul Hoetjes, coordinator in charge of Economic Affairs (EZ), National Office for the Caribbean Netherlands

“Wishes of twinning of Agoa with Yarari”, with in particular Ramona Connor, Vice-President of Agoa for the Community

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