CYCLONIC SEASON: Elderly and isolated people, with reduced mobility or disabilities, register with the Community


As part of the preparation for the hurricane season, we are required to set up a personal register of elderly and isolated people and people with reduced mobility or disabilities, the sole purpose of which is to allow targeted intervention with these people in the event of cyclonic phenomenon.

  The people concerned are:

• People aged 60 and over living alone

• People recognized as unfit for work

• Disabled people

The information contained in this file relates to the surname and first name, the date of birth, the address and the telephone number.

The confidentiality of the data is ensured by the professional secrecy which binds the agents of the Collectivity designated to record and process this data. The deletion of this file is done at any time on simple request.

The entry on the file can be made by the person concerned or his legal representative or, possibly, in writing.

  Register with the Pôle Solidarité & Familles, 5 rue Léopold Mingau in Concordia, 0590 87 61 99.

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