CYCLONIC SEASON: An exercise carried out in real time to equip the territory's seven anticyclone shelters


The Collectivity of Saint-Martin and its Major Risks department organized a real-time exercise on Saturday July 8 to deploy the equipment intended to equip the territory's seven anticyclone shelters.

As a reminder, the Collectivity opens the shelters in the event of a red alert, just before the confinement phase (purple). The containers stored at the port of Galisbay containing the essential equipment are then deployed in the shelters.

The exercise organized last Saturday enabled the field teams to calculate the time needed to deploy this equipment and to ensure that everything is ready in the event of an alert.

A first train involved the Clair St Maximin shelter (Quartier d'Orléans), ASMT (Anse Marcel shooting centre), the school complex (La Savane) and the Marie Antoinette Richards school (Morne O'Reilly).

The second train involved the Hervé Williams, Émile Choisy and Evelyna Halley school shelters at Concordia.

The COM thanks all the teams who mobilized, making this exercise a success and congratulates the Major Risks Department, Christophe Lieb and Mélodie Illidge for the work carried out in a completely satisfactory time.

The shelters are ready, the ravines are cleared. The Collectivité is now starting a collective cleaning phase until August 20 and is asking the population to participate fully!


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