Sandy Ground: the measures proposed by the Collectivity


As part of the Sandy Ground Festival, Louis Mussington, President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, reviewed the measures that will be taken and implemented for the benefit of the priority district which is part, with Quartier d'Orléans, of city ​​policy.

For community and state officials, the Sandy Ground neighborhood remains a top priority. In order to counter unemployment, violence and the idleness of the population, Louis Mussington intends to put in place various measures such as the territorial police branch within Sandy Ground, as announced in our Monday edition. The Solidarity and Families social center is also on the politician's list: "it is for legal reasons that we had to put an end to what existed before because the owner of the premises was not really the owner, the payments were therefore suspended. In order to once again offer this consultation service at Sandy Ground for pregnant, single or vulnerable women who currently have to travel to Concordia to benefit from this system, the Collectivity is looking for premises in the neighbourhood. The president of the Collectivité is therefore appealing to the inhabitants to find a 150 square meter room in order to install this service and respond to emergencies at Sandy Ground. The wandering of young children in the streets of the neighborhood at night is a major concern for Louis Mussington: “too many children are on the streets at night. The young people of Sandy Ground are looking for an attentive ear to bear witness to their plight and prevent them from falling into delinquency”. In response to young people who want to be better supervised and accompanied, three young street mediators will soon be trained. Their mission will be to work permanently in the streets and alleys of Sandy Ground in order to fight this habit and bring young people back to their homes. Through this framework praised to the social link, the mediators will have the task of restoring to these young people their self-confidence and their confidence in the institutions, which offer numerous support systems. More measures in our edition tomorrow. _VX

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