Sandy Ground: follow-up to the measures proposed by the Collectivity


As part of the Sandy Ground Festival, Louis Mussington, President of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin, reviewed the measures that will be taken and implemented for the benefit of the priority district which is part, with Quartier d'Orléans, of city ​​policy.

Grants allocated to Sandy Ground associations will be multiplied by the Collectivity. Many representatives were present on August 15 for the neighborhood party: Sandy Ground on The Move Insertion, Madtowz, Vélo Club, Nature is The Key, etc. Active and dedicated associations that are full of ideas and projects to develop Sandy Ground. Work meetings will be regularly organized between the Collectivity and the associations to ensure that the money allocated is “well used” and that the projects are carried out “in a professional manner”. The meetings under the chairmanship of the Local Council for Security and Crime Prevention (CLSPD) will contribute to the social development of the Sandy Ground district. The importance of neighborhood councils on social ties is also not unknown to the president of the COM. Composed of dedicated people who are involved on a daily basis, the six neighborhood councils must fully exist in the territory of Saint-Martin. Negotiations will be set up between the latter reinstated and the Collectivity in order to coordinate the actions as well as possible. Another measure mentioned by Louis Mussington, the renovation of the Sandy Ground multipurpose hall, "by the end of the year" where artistic and cultural activities will be offered to young people in the neighborhood to fight, among other things, against wandering in the streets which constitutes an emergency to manage for the officials. The multipurpose room will also be available for extracurricular activities and used by teachers in order to keep young schoolchildren and college students from the neighborhood as long as possible in this enclosure dedicated to sports, cultural and artistic practices. The removal of end-of-life vehicles, the reconstruction of the Albéric Richards stadium, the nautical basin project are ongoing projects that were mentioned by Louis Mussington, inclined to participate actively in the development of Sandy Ground. Despite the efforts of the Collectivity, participation in the training actions set up in the neighborhood was the lowest compared to other sectors of the territory: "it's sad because we know that many young men and women from Sandy Ground didn't finish school and didn't take this opportunity. We must move forward to develop the skills of young people” indicated the president of the COM who urged local companies to hire young people from Saint-Martin. _VX

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