Health: 250 students take part in the “School Heart Course”! 


Initiated by the French Federation of Cardiology, the “Parcours du Coeur” are the largest prevention-health operation organized in France. They aim to reduce cardiovascular disease through information, screening, learning healthier living practices to avoid risky behaviors.

For a first in Saint-Martin, the association USEP Iles du Nord in partnership with the national education service of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin brought together 250 students of CM1-CM2 for a course of the heart at the Vanterpool stadium and at the Nina Duverly school.

Indeed, on Wednesday May 10, the students took part in several workshops:

- A "zero smoking" workshop led by the association Dangerous Liaison with Doctor Olivo and Nathalie Clément

- A “nutrition” workshop led by Charlotte Vives, nutrition coach

- A “Rescue” workshop led by Béatrice Kanga, school nurse

- An athletic activity workshop led by the USEP Iles du Nord

“The goal was to make young people aware of life-saving actions, physical activity, a balanced diet, and not to smoke. Several students remembered the figures of the course of the heart, 0-5-60, it is "zero smoking", five fruits and vegetables per day and 60 minutes of daily activities, "explains Jean-Luc ELICE, president of the USEP Northern Islands.

The association USEP Iles du Nord thanks Mr. Fleming, CPC EPS, Ms. Prudent, director of the school Nina Duverly, the association Dangerous Liaison, Ms. Vives, Ms. Kanga, and the community of Saint-Martin, several partnerships that promote the success of all students.

Congratulations to everybody ! _AF

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