HEALTH: 62% of the 1 tests carried out on the island were partially French


A total of 1 PCR tests were carried out on the whole of the island according to the latest health assessments of the prefecture of Saint-Martin and the government of Sint Maarten published Friday, June 305.

805 tests were carried out in the French part (62%) and 500 in the Dutch part (38%). Nearly 2,3% of the population of Saint Martin has been tested and 1,2% in Sint Maarten.

Of these 1 tests, 305 were positive: 120% in the French part and 5,4% in the Dutch part.

In one month 230 tests were carried out on the entire island, 83% of which was in French. Between May 29 and June 26, Saint-Martin carried out 191 tests and Sint Maarten in 39 tests.

Half of the 500 tests carried out in the Dutch part were carried out at the start of the crisis (until April 21). By mid-May, it was 83% of all tests. Since that date, which corresponds to the last confirmed positive case, the authorities in Sint Maarten have carried out few tests.

The 39 tests carried out during the last two weeks represent 4,6% of the total number of tests.

As of April 21 when St Maarten had performed 250 tests, Saint-Martin had only done 160. By mid-May, each party had done 410. The period when the tests were most frequent in the French part was at the beginning of May , when the screening campaigns were carried out in the neighborhoods. Unlike the Dutch side, the French side has maintained a stable level of tests, between 30 and 40 per week since early June. This is partly explained by the screening of contact cases of the two positive cases declared during the last month.


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