HEALTH: How to protect yourself from the sun while respecting the environment in Saint-Martin?


Each year, thousands of tons of sunscreen end up in the seas. Since 2008, scientific studies have shown that certain chemical filters contained in sunscreens can cause coral bleaching and ultimately disappear.

This is why recently some countries have decided to ban these chemical filters. In 2018, Hawaii banned sunscreens containing certain filters. In 2019, Polynesia adopted a bill banning certain products.

However, there is an alternative: mineral filters (zinc and titanium dioxide) and it is possible to find them in Saint-Martin. In addition to the local natural cosmetics brand Sint Maarten Nectar which offers a whole range of vegan and reef safe sun products, you can find some products with mineral filters, among others, in pharmacies on the island, the most common of which are those of the Avène brand. or the organic sun care Algamaris. The Alphanova brand, specializing in organic cosmetic products which has developed an organic, vegan sunscreen range without chemical filters for eight years is not yet distributed in pharmacies on the island, but it has made a different commitment to the reefs. corals of Saint-Martin. “We have decided to donate 1% of our turnover to solar products to support projects to restore coral reefs,” says Damien Sineau, the founder and director of the company.

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