HEALTH: "It is urgent to make access to tests a priority for overseas travelers"


If when leaving overseas to go to Paris, presenting the negative results of a PCR test for covid-19 is not requested, it is on the other hand in the other direction. However, for several weeks now, more and more ultramarines in metropolitan France have encountered difficulties in obtaining results in less than 72 hours. Also the member of Guadeloupe Justine Benin (Modem) yesterday alerted the Minister of Health via a written question to the National Assembly.

“While France has reached one million PCR tests performed per week, the time taken to obtain results of biological examinations has increased considerably, sometimes going up to two weeks. The condition imposed on overseas travelers has become totally unrealistic. ”, She recalls.

The MP also fears that the "current situation" may encourage some to falsify documents "to get around obstacles". She therefore considers that "it appears urgent to make access to tests a priority for overseas travelers wishing to return to their territory, in the name of territorial continuity, in the same way as contact persons".

Finally, "she wishes to know the means [that the minister] intends to implement to resolve the difficulties encountered by overseas travelers".



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