HEALTH: Senator Pétrus adopts an essential amendment for Saint-Martin


This Wednesday, October 25, Senator Annick Pétrus defended in public session an amendment aimed at providing the territory of Saint-Martin with a system for permanent management of requests for care.

In the introduction, the senator and author of the text in question declared to the assembly: “The amendment that I am defending provides for a modification of the Overseas provisions of the Public Health Code. Indeed, permanent care is a system for handling requests for unscheduled care by general practitioners when private practices close, in the evening, at night, on weekends and on public holidays. It is not implemented in Saint-Martin, which is not at all acceptable.” Context: This system is organized by the regional health agencies (ARS) with the help of the departmental committees for urgent medical aid, permanent care and medical transport (CODAMUPS-TS). The regional duty specifications established by the regional director of the ARS cover the principles of organization and remuneration of this duty in the regional territories. The territories of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, although becoming overseas communities in 2007, remained attached to the ARS of Guadeloupe for public health issues. Annick Pétrus continues: “Saint-Martin is experiencing difficulties in organizing emergency medical aid linked to its geographical distance, it is therefore essential to remedy this.” If the establishment of a list of volunteer doctors to ensure on-call and on-call duty is effective, the creation of a local sub-committee for emergency medical aid and on-call care has unfortunately never been successful. . This amendment therefore aims to improve response times to guarantee the safety of care in the Northern Islands by creating a specific CODAMUPS-TS and would represent an alternative to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center during the time slots concerned.


Amendment adopted

Corinne Imbert, of the Social Affairs Committee, was in favor of the adoption of the amendment which accompanies the conclusions of the CIOM (measure 52 editor's note): "The subject is also that of concrete exemptions to adapt to the realities of territories”. The government also voted for: “Your proposal maintains the common character of the mission of permanent care while providing for the possibility of a particular variation to take into account territorial specificities”. Senator Pétrus promises to be very attentive to the implementation of the system by the ARS as soon as the law is promulgated. _VX

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