HEALTH: Wastewater will be analyzed to detect the presence of Covid-19 in part French


“The level of circulation of the virus is quite high. The trend over the last thirty days is increasing. (…) The level of circulation of the virus is average. The trend over the last thirty days is downward. This is the type of information that will soon be available in Saint-Martin about the circulation of covid-19 in France.

This information is provided by the Obépine network, the epidemiological observatory for wastewater. The partner laboratories analyze the wastewater to quantify the presence of the virus gene. Several cities in metropolitan France have decided to use this practice; the Collectivity of Saint-Martin has just requested it as well.

Samples of wastewater from the two treatment plants to which the two largest population basins are connected - those of Pointe des Canonniers and Quartier d'Orléans - will soon be collected by Saur and sent to the one of the laboratories in metropolitan France. The results will show whether the coronavirus is actively circulating or not.

“Today the only way to quantify the circulation of the virus is through tests. With the analyzes of wastewater, we will be able to estimate a peak at seven days. This will help the authorities to anticipate their strategy and their policy in matters of health and prevention, ”explains a technician from Saur.



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