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It is with a large majority that Parliament, meeting in Congress in Versailles this Monday, March 4, adopted the draft constitutional law aimed at including the “guaranteed freedom” to resort to voluntary termination of pregnancy (IVG) in the Constitution.

In accordance with article 89 of the Constitution, “a three-fifths majority of the votes cast” was reached with 780 parliamentary votes in favor of this measure, 72 against and 50 abstentions. Among the votes in favor of including the right to abortion in article 34 of the founding text of the Fifth Republic, our deputy, Frantz Gumbs, and our senator, Annick Pétrus. For the first, Monday March 4, 2024 is a historic day: “We were 925 parliamentarians, senators and deputies, in Congress at the Château de Versailles invited to vote in order to explicitly include the right to abortion in our fundamental text that is the Constitution. This freedom guaranteed to women will be consolidated: 'The law determines the conditions under which a woman's freedom is exercised, which is guaranteed to her, to have recourse to a voluntary termination of pregnancy'. I was honored to be part of this memorable moment.” Annick Pétrus is also delighted with the outcome of the vote: “It is with immense pride that I voted today in Versailles, during the meeting of Parliament in Congress (deputies and senators) for the inclusion in our constitution of the right to have recourse to Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy. I voted FOR.” Before voting, Yaël Braun-Pivet, President of the National Assembly, declared: “We are preparing to take our country, together, a new path for women's rights. Abortion is now part of our fundamental right.” When the result of the vote was announced, the latter joined in the applause despite protocol. The wording and placement of the article in question in the Constitution are the result of 18 months of parliamentary debates during which the drafting sparked lively discussions. The right, particularly in the Senate, fought in vain to remove the adjective 'guarantee' when certain left-wing parliamentarians tried without success to replace the word 'freedom' with that of 'right', as was the case. case in the initial version. The text as proposed by the government aims to protect the Veil law of January 17, 1975 (decriminalization of abortion) and not to extend it. To call into question this text authorizing abortion up to 14 weeks, a new vote would be required to change the Constitution with a 3/5th majority as was the case last Monday. On March 8, International Women's Rights Day, the so-called 'weaker' sex can be proud of having so much strength. _VX


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