PUBLIC HEALTH: Signature of the 2023-2025 Local Health Contract


The Local Health Contract reflects the desire of public authorities to deploy a healthcare policy that meets the needs of the population as closely as possible, with the aim of reducing social and territorial inequalities in public health.

Gathered this Thursday, November 16, Louis Mussington, president of the Community, Laurent Legendart, director of the Regional Health Agency of Guadeloupe and the Northern Islands (ARS), and Jean Venon, director of the General Social Security Fund of Guadeloupe – Saint-Martin (CGSS) have signed the new Local Health Contract for Saint-Martin which seals this tripartite agreement for a period of 2 years. A first Local Health Contract (CLS) was signed for the period 2014-2017 but it was not renewed after the passage of Hurricane IRMA, also due to a lack of professionals dedicated to its coordination. To relaunch the system, the Community chose to launch a call for tenders, following which the research firm Regards Santé was selected to support the implementation of the new CLS. Since then, the Territorial Solidarity Scheme has been produced by the design firm. The CLS is divided into 2 construction phases: the first dedicated to the Local Health Diagnosis developed with all the stakeholders in the territory and carried out using available health data, and the second phase for the development of the CLS itself. itself, which must bring consistency and articulate the different plans and schemes piloted by the Community, with those carried out by the ARS, the State and other partners. A coordinator named Ly-Ann Sifflet was recruited on February 21, 2023 with the mission of deploying, monitoring and evaluating the actions that will be carried out within the framework of the CLS and the Local Mental Health Councils. A newly formed Steering Committee is expected to meet at least twice a year. The Local Health Diagnosis made it possible to define 4 main areas of work: reducing social and territorial health inequalities, strengthening prevention and health promotion, improving the attractiveness of the territory and the loyalty of health professionals and finally, improve local health knowledge.

For Louis Mussington, the Local Health Contract is a tool which must live according to the health needs of the population and which must be part of an approach of collaboration and participation of all the actors of Saint-Martin. _VX

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