Firefighters: STIS Saint-Barthélemy recruits volunteers


The rescue system on the island of Saint-Barthélemy is made up, as in almost all of France, of 80% of volunteer firefighters.  Every day, in parallel with their profession, the volunteer firefighters show altruism, solidarity and dedication by participating in all the interventions of the Territorial Fire and Rescue Service (STIS) of Saint-Barthélemy.

To be able to provide a quality rescue service, the STIS must recruit new volunteer firefighters to supplement its workforce and thus be able to cope with the constant increase in the number of interventions on the territory. The rescue center offers an initial team training course which adapts, as far as possible, to the professional constraints of the volunteers. Rescue, fire fighting, various operations such as floods, animal risks, or road rescue, are all areas in which firefighters are trained, to allow them then to go on interventions safely.

In addition, volunteer firefighters also have the possibility of pursuing training that will allow them to take responsibility or continue in a specialized field such as nautical rescue, being a driver of pump equipment, etc. Aged 18 at 50, volunteers must be in good physical condition, demonstrate team spirit and discipline, to be part of the large family of firefighters. Applicants will undergo a selection which will include physical tests.

Guards will be held at the barracks for periods of 6, 12 or 24 hours, depending on availability, with a minimum of 48 hours of guard to be carried out in the month. If the post of volunteer firefighter is not-for-profit, it opens, however, the right to hourly compensation, as well as social benefits and end of service.

Interested and motivated people are invited to go to the rescue center before Monday, August 12, with a CV and a cover letter addressed to the attention of the center manager or to send it to the address mail for any further information, you can contact the secretariat at +590 590 27 11 43._RM


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