SARGASSES: Several Caribbean islands including Saint Martin sign common commitments


Last week Guadeloupe hosted the first international conference on sargassum bringing together several islands of the Caribbean. The work made it possible to draw up a joint declaration constituting the Caribbean Sargassum Program.

This Caribbean Sargassum Program, whose leader will be Guadeloupe, has eight missions including strengthening the response capacity of the Caribbean States to the massive stranding of Sargassum by networking best practices in priority areas such as the prevention of strandings, the protection of coastlines, the promotion or development of a legislative framework, the improvement of public awareness and information on all aspects of the sargassum phenomenon, etc.

By signing the joint declaration, the States or territories undertook to remove as soon as possible the algae stranded on their coast by taking into account best practices until the end of the process as well as to develop commercially and scientifically the Sargassum algae.

Finally, the objectives of the Caribbean sargassum program will have to be integrated into the work of the Association of Caribbean States, and in particular the work of the Caribbean Sea Commission, in order to design projects and activities consistent with these Goals. A project coordinator will be appointed and will be responsible for convening a donor conference in 2020 in order to identify lasting support solutions adapted to the small island states of the Caribbean. (

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