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SAUR has been setting up water towers for the past two weeks to anticipate the impact of the UPEP renovation work in Galisbay.

This work limits production capacity but will make it possible to find an efficient tool that will be part of sustainability and development. SAUR St Martin would like to thank its subscribers for their patience and flexibility. With two weeks of hindsight, the device is functional and makes it possible not to jeopardize the public drinking water supply service. If the inconvenience will last during the works, SAUR St Martin notes the efforts made in terms of consumption by subscribers and invites them to support them in the weeks to come.

The schedules of the water towers are regularly updated, disseminated in the press but also on the Facebook pages of the EEASM and the SAUR Saint-Martin which invites subscribers to contact them to stay informed. As a reminder, after an interruption in the distribution, an unusual coloration of the water may occur. In order for the water to regain its full transparency, it is recommended to leave the tap open for a few tens of seconds.

SAUR makes every effort to keep this period as short as possible and thanks its subscribers for their understanding.

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