RESCUE: Holiday or not, the volunteers of the SNSM station of Saint-Martin are still training!


Mobilized throughout the year, the volunteers of the SNSM station of Saint-Martin regularly carry out exercises in immersion to best prepare for all eventualities.

Holiday or not, 10 volunteer lifeguards from the Saint-Martin SNSM station carried out their monthly training on May 8. After the skipper's operational briefing, the high-seas launch SNS 129 sets sail from the Fort Louis marina with the whole team. On the program: seamanship on board, piloting and piloting exercises for the second in command in training then, training of the swimmers on board.

It was on the Mayday buoy off the marina that the coxswain in training practiced headings, several approach maneuvers and finally chest holds.

Then head to Grand-Case to pick up the GPS beacons at the airport. Records that allow volunteers to reacquaint themselves with the computer tools on board.

On site, training in seamanship for all, positions and roles of the crew on board, knots, and finally use of the windlass.

Similarly, briefing of swimmers on board for exercises on rescue techniques and emergency releases. Once in the water, several exercises will follow, including scenarios and tips for making the best use of the Buoy Tube.

As the exercises take place, cries are heard!

A volunteer simulates drowning a hundred meters away. The rescuers intervene immediately, easily stabilize the victim thanks to the techniques seen just before and bring them back on board.

Once on board, she is taken care of by another team who will carry out the first rescue actions: complete assessment, installation of the equipment and setting up PLS, all under the watchful eye of the whole team. Once the victim is out of danger, the boss sounds the end of the exercises for a return to the station.

It is therefore with great pleasure and the feeling of a beneficial training for both of them that the volunteers returned to solid ground.

They are ready to intervene again!

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