RESCUE: The SNSM of Saint-Martin comes to the aid of a sailboat in difficulty in the channel of Anguilla


The volunteer rescuers of the SNSM of Saint-Martin recently made a new outing to the sea to help a damaged sailboat.

At midday, after having quickly loaded the intervention equipment on board the high-seas launch “Notre-Dame de la Garoupe”, the moorings were cast off. Once in Marigot Bay, the rescuers contact CROSS AG again to report their departure and obtain more details on the boat in difficulty as well as its GPS position. Once located, the course is set towards the northeast tip of Anguilla and telephone contact is established with the captain of the sailboat in difficulty who announces that he no longer has a mast and that he is advancing as best he can. at about 2 knots towards Marigot. Upon physical contact with the sailboat, the rescuers noticed that the mast was indeed broken at its base but still attached to the boat by the halyards. The sails float, half submerged, which makes maneuvering very difficult. The captain and owner of the sailboat also informs the rescuers that 3 people are safe and sound on board.

At the same time, the crew have prepared the trailer which is then sent to the sailboat using the touline.

Once the trailer is properly hooked up, the towing begins in the direction of Marigot, at an average speed of 5 knots. The sea being rather calm with a few waves, the towing will take place without incident until the entrance of the Fort-Louis marina.


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