RESCUE: Firefighter rescue dogs and their handlers in action in Happy Bay


A departmental team of firefighters from Guadeloupe, including 2 pairs in Saint-Martin, have been following a training course to maintain skills since the beginning of the week.  dog technicians. A demonstration of rescue dogs with their handlers took place last Tuesday at the Happy Bay site.

In Saint-Martin, this unit is made up of Chief Warrant Officer Justin Gibbs with his dog "Onyx", operational in search of buried and lost people. He is also head of the canine unit and is currently completing his track training with “Onyx”.

Corporal Célia Daizey with her dog "Talya" came to reinforce Chief Warrant Officer Justin Gibbs and is also continuing her training in order to be operational.

For the first time, pairs from Guadeloupe came to take part in these three days of training in Saint-Martin.

Throughout the training, simulations of the search for buried and lost people were carried out on different sites on the island and in particular in Happy Bay in order to improve the work of the pairs and improve knowledge of the specificities of the terrain. .

Tracking exercises were also carried out with the “Onyx” dog.

The experience gained over twenty years of practice by Chief Warrant Officer Justin Gibbs in this specialty coupled with the youth and ardor of Corporal Célia Daizey suggests a bright future for this canine specialty serving the population of Saint- Martin. _AF

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