Rescue: New intervention of the SNSM of Saint-Martin for a sailboat adrift


The least we can say is that the SNSM station in Saint-Martin has not been idle for several weeks. Last intervention dated Tuesday, May 17 in the lagoon of Simpson Bay, a witness on land has indeed come to report a sailboat adrift.

A team of 5 volunteer rescuers was immediately mobilized and left Marina Fort Louis at 18:45 p.m. aboard the Rescue Star, a 9 m long semi-rigid equipped with a winch and a biton to tow small boats and equipment. a tilting system for its superstructures to be able to pass under the Sandy-Ground road bridge, without requiring the deck to be opened. 

At 19:05 p.m., the SNSM team members were in the area, at the position transmitted by the CROSS-AG, to the west of the lagoon, near Anse aux Cajoux.

There they meet a crew of 3 people from the Maritime Gendarmerie on their tender (on a mission to the island with their mother ship "La Violette" in Marigot Bay) who have already carried out checks and confirm that there is no no one inside the sailboat, now stranded on the edge of the lagoon.

The anchorage of the sailboat has broken and only a piece of the end remains. It is a sailboat under construction which does not seem to be "inhabited" at the moment.

The night having just fallen, it is impossible to determine if this sailboat suffered damage to its hull; it will go no further and cannot sink where it is stranded. The SNSM and the Nautical Brigade of the Gendarmerie therefore conclude that they cannot do much.

The CROSS-AG then gives freedom of maneuver to the two units to regain Marigot Bay.

The Saint-Martin SNSM station reminds all boat owners to prepare for the next hurricane season (from June 1 to November 1 officially, with maximum risk between mid-August and the end of September) and that It is possible for them to have a summary of the latest news or weather forecasts on Saint-Martin on a new local website: NBBC WEATHER NEWS (

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