Rescue: New intervention by the SNSM to search for a distress beacon triggered in the harbor of Marigot


During a training to the Buoy of Medea last Saturday, on the Rescue Star semi-rigid, an AIS beacon trigger alert appears on the screen at 14:50 p.m.

The Boss reports it to CROSS-AG which, at 16:05 p.m., confirms the alert and the characteristics of the distress beacon, while the Rescue Star team members are finishing their first exercises. The position is that of a catamaran which confirms that it has not triggered a distress beacon. But at 16:24 p.m., noting that the distress beacon had moved, the crew returned to the area, towards another catamaran, which also confirmed that it had not triggered a distress beacon. The Rescue Star leaves empty-handed. However, several crew members having noticed the presence, on this boat, of the same person already present on the other, she returned near the 2nd boat to ask for a check of the tender. There is indeed a waterproof bag in this annex, at the bottom of which this distress beacon is finally found in the "ON" position at 17 pm.


Up to 30000 euros fine and 2 years of imprisonment ...

Therefore, boaters are advised to check where their distress beacon is stored and to ensure that it does not risk being triggered inadvertently,  under the effect of a shock or any other cause, as this could cost them dearly.

Let us recall once again that in accordance with art. 322-14 of the Penal Code, the fact of unnecessarily provoking the deployment of human and material rescue means can be worth to its author of up to 30 € of fine and two years imprisonment.

In the present case, the SNSM team members were already in the area for training and this search for a distress beacon was ultimately only an additional unforeseen exercise, but crowned with success, for once. Indeed, in 98% of cases, the distress beacon search missions are unsuccessful and the volunteer team members are mobilized in vain by the CROSS des Antilles-Guyane.

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