RESCUE: An unconscious woman at Ilet Pinel rescued by SNSM rescuers


On Ascension Thursday, around 22:25 p.m., rescuers from the Saint-Martin SNSM station intervened at Ilet Pinel for a person in a medical emergency.

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, a crew formed quickly and prepared the departure with all the equipment. At 22:40 p.m., the crew is complete and casts off the RIB, Rescue Star SNS978-1, a faster means, with a shallow draft, and sets sail for Pinel islet.

Fortunately, the sea is not too rough, and 35 minutes later, the boat arrives in front of the unfortunately occupied quay. Several telephone lights signal themselves on the beach. Therefore, no choice, the Rescue Star comes closer and two rescuers jump from the front of the boat. When they arrive, they find that the victim is in PLS (Lateral Safety Position). His friends may have saved his life. Rescuers manage to bring him back to consciousness. The young woman is weak and requires a transfer on board to rally the firefighters waiting at the Cul de Sac pier. Meanwhile, a rescuer is directed to a potential second victim. The young man does not seem in immediate danger but the rescuers prefer to take him also so that he can be seen by the firefighters. Helped by their friends, the two victims are placed on a hard surface and transferred to the Rescue. A delicate operation, the boat of the rescuers not being able to dock.

Then head for the pier in the dark, the slow navigation was made difficult to reach the pontoon of the pier with the sandbanks. Engines raised to the maximum, crew member armed with a powerful flashlight at the front, the boat sails at low speed.

Once at the dock, the first victim was taken care of by the firefighters and then transported to the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital. The second victim was able to return home.

The young woman finally spent the night under surveillance in the hospital and was able to return to her home in the morning. Satisfaction for the volunteer rescuers. _AF

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