RESCUE: Official visit of CROSS-AG representatives to the Saint-Martin SNSM station


The new director of the Regional Operational Center for Surveillance and Rescue Antilles-Guyana (CROSS-AG), Nicolas De Roland recently visited the territory,  accompanied by his head of department Mona Rufola, to meet the volunteer members of the SNSM of Saint-Martin.

After having welcomed the two representatives of the CROSS Antilles-Guyane, the managers and members of the SNSM showed the premises of the station to their guests for the day. The latter also had the right to a presentation of the means of rescue and nautical interventions available to the SNSM of Saint-Martin without forgetting the rescue and firefighting boat of the firefighters.

These friendly but also professional moments were also an opportunity for all SNSM volunteers to thank the CROSS-AG for its official support for the possibility of replacing the aging semi-rigid as well as for providing the St-Barth station of the same semi-rigid and this, within the framework of the INTERREG Caribbean program, financed thanks to the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).

"We also discussed the problems that we could encounter on the coordination and planning during rescue operations between the CROSS-AG and the volunteers at sea. Positive discussions which will undoubtedly lead to areas for improvement during the future interventions”, underline the members of the SNSM station of SXM.

After a friendly drink and before heading back to Martinique, the two representatives  of CROSS-AG visited  on the sister island of Saint-Barth to visit the local SNSM. _AF

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