FIRST AID: New training for SNSM volunteers in level 2 team first aid


Last month, over two weekends, volunteers from the SNSM and members of the AFPS once again gave their time to train in PSE2 (First Aid in Teams Level 2).

Supervised by an AFPS trainer, these four long days of lessons and practical cases ended on Sunday March 26 with team tests.

The very technical tests took place under the expert eye of the trainer and an operational representative of the SNSM, all in partnership with "Tropical Boat" which friendly lent one of its boats in order to put the trainees in real-life situations, including the consideration of victims, assessments, treatment of fractures, management of serious trauma, extractions from a boat, difficult stretching, not to mention cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

Congratulations to all the first aiders and rescuers who participated in this course and a big thank you to the AFPS trainer for her teaching and her patience.

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