Security: Joint checks between the Dutch police and the gendarmerie will be stepped up


The Gendarmerie and the Sint Maarten police will carry out joint checks in the days and weeks to come. These checks will focus on two-wheelers as well as on suspected stolen vehicles.

In recent days, Dutch police have received information from the gendarmerie that an illegal parade of motorcycles was in preparation.

The management of KPSM was informed by the French authorities that the organizers of this event had not received authorization from the authorities.

Indeed, having learned of a gathering of two-wheelers which was to take place last weekend in Sandy-Ground, the gendarmerie had asked, in conjunction with the community and the prefecture, to ban this undeclared demonstration. Measures have been taken on the side of the police to enforce the decree prohibiting demonstrations. Ditto for the Dutch police who strongly advise against possible participants of Sint Maarten to join these prohibited motorized events under penalty of being arrested. _AF


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