SECURITY: The priorities of the gendarmerie in 2019


Improving cooperation with Sint Maarten, road safety and the fight against car theft are the three main priorities of the commander of the gendarmerie company of Saint-Martin for the year 2019.

The car theft phenomenon on the French side has worsened since Irma, notes Lieutenant-Colonel Sébastien Manzoni. Most stolen are made up and sold. "We will distribute flyers very soon to inform buyers of the points they must check when purchasing a vehicle, such as serial numbers," he explains.

In terms of cooperation, Sébastien Manzoni is thinking about setting up a customs police cooperation center like there is elsewhere in mainland France in border areas.

Finally, the lieutenant-colonel said that "road safety is always a priority", especially that related to two-wheelers. “The repressive side does not work. We have to work on behaviors, ”he believes.

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