ROAD SAFETY: 125 young people from Mont des Accords secondary school made aware of the risks associated with driving a motorized two-wheeler


The "Sécurité Routière SXM" association, in partnership with the Judicial Protection of Youth and the Red Cross (territorial delegation in Saint-Martin), organized on Thursday 26 January a road safety awareness day for the benefit of ninth grade classes at Mont des Accords college.

125 young people, mainly from neighborhoods classified under Urban Policy, were able to take advantage of the workshops set up. Given the still too high number of bodily and fatal accidents involving two-wheelers, the entire system had the sole objective of preventing bad road behaviour.

The college students were able to go through 5 workshops,  the highway code for two-wheelers, the fight against addictions,  a two-wheeler simulator,  preparation for the ASSR2 exam and a 50 cm road course3.

“We decided this year to add a preparation workshop for the ASSR2 exam and the highway code,  given the difficulties noted during the passage of the real exam, only 16% of success having been registered in the highway code in 2022", underlines Thierry Verres, president of the association "Sécurité Routière SXM", who will hand over to the 1st next February to Bruno Ravier, his designated successor at the head of the association.

A new intervention by "SXM Road Safety" is scheduled for March 9, 2023 at the Professional High School Daniella Jeffry.

It should be noted that the implementation of these days dedicated to road safety is financed within the framework of the City Policy of the Prefecture of the Northern Islands and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin.  _AF

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