ROAD SAFETY: Becoming an initiator in road safety action is possible with the SXM Road Safety Association


The roads of Saint-Martin continue to see a good number of material, bodily and even fatal accidents on a daily basis. It is up to each of us to feel concerned and to work to stem this phenomenon.

But presenting a subject dealing with road safety in front of a small group of people is not always easy. This is why the SXM Road Safety association, helped by the local authority of Saint-Martin, is able to offer 50 free training courses intended to become an initiator in road safety action. Each of the 5 sessions will last 3 days (2 days of training followed by a day of feedback) and will take place in Marigot, rue du Captain Froston, under the direction of a professional, trainer of driving school instructors. A translator in English, Spanish and Creole will be present during the training.

The first three training sessions will take place on October 23 and 24 (feedback on November 10), October 30 and 31 (feedback on November 20) and November 8 and 9 (feedback on November 23).

The only condition to register for these training courses is to hold a driving license. To join  the team of the SXM Road Safety association, simply send an email to this address:, with a photograph of your driving license. _AF


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