ROAD SAFETY: The gendarmerie involved more than ever in the fight against addictive behavior


On Monday, November 27, a young woman lost her life while driving her car. “This day must remain etched in memories as a tragedy that could have been avoided,” underlines the gendarmerie. “A brutal reminder of the devastating consequences of addictive driving,” she adds.

Since then, analyzes have revealed the presence of THC (active substance of cannabis) and alcohol, i.e. 1,35 g/L of blood (more than three times the authorized limit). “Both of these substances are known to be disinhibitory and increase ego overestimation. In other words, by consuming these substances, we take more risks, we reduce our reflexes and we increase the number of errors,” indicates the gendarmerie. The risk of having an accident is multiplied by 10 from a blood alcohol level exceeding 0,8 g/L of blood.

The gendarmerie recalls that in Saint-Martin in 2023 out of 6 fatal accidents, 4 drivers were positive for at least one substance.

“At the end of the year, more than ever, we must take steps not to get behind the wheel when we have consumed alcohol or substances that impair our driving skills. As for loved ones, taking addictive substances should not be trivialized, because the consequences are irreversible. When you care about someone, you hold on to them.”

In its relentless fight against addictive behavior, the gendarmerie will put in place several specific control systems in anticipation of the end-of-year holidays. The message has the merit of being clear. “Safety is everyone’s business.” _AF


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