ROAD SAFETY: The SXM Road Safety Association continues its work of raising awareness of the dangers of the road with students!


The SXM Road Safety Association in partnership with National Education and the Judicial Protection of Youth has organized since the beginning of May several road safety awareness days for the benefit of Saint-Martin schoolchildren.

Thus, 76 pupils from the Aline Hanson primary school in Sandy Ground were able to benefit from 8 hours of theoretical training and 2 hours of road training in order to be made aware of road risks on foot and by bike. A certificate for the first road safety education was given to them on this occasion.  Then, 96 students from the Roche Gravée de Moho middle school in Quartier Orléans were able to benefit from road safety awareness through 5 workshops.

The highway code for 2 wheels, the fight against addictions (alcohol and narcotics) by evolving on an addiction course by wearing alcohol and narcotics sensitive glasses, preparation for the ASSR2 exam and a two-wheel simulator workshop in order to give the right reflexes on the road.

Finally a 50cm motorized route3 managed by the partner motorcycle school, Help Conduite,  punctuated learning.

Fabienne Monmarson, road safety coordinator, representing the Prefect of the Northern Islands, Vincent Berton, wanted to go through the various workshops herself,  then meet the students and volunteers of the ASR SXM represented by Bruno Ravier, president of the association Sécurité Routière SXM.

The SXM Road Safety Association takes this opportunity to thank Lila Hanson, principal of the Quartier d'Orléans college and Mr. Seys CPE, for their welcome.

“We would like to remind you that these devices are financed by the State and the Collectivity of Saint-Martin within the framework of the City Policy. Our next actions are planned at the Cité Scolaire de la Savane in June 2023. With the approach of the summer holidays, awareness of road risk is more than necessary”, underlines the SXM Road Safety Association. _AF

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