ROAD SAFETY: Gendarmerie road checks targeting motorized two-wheelers will increase!


The National Gendarmerie teams are mobilized against road incivilities every week. This mission is all the more important today following the various tragedies that have struck our territory.

Since the beginning of the year, the four deaths that have mourned the roads of the island have affected motorized two-wheelers. This observation is shared for the majority of fatal accidents in recent years.

Beyond that, in 2022, dangerous driving is the cause of events in all cases. Excessive speed and the presence of alcohol or narcotics on the perpetrators were observed in each accident. An aggravating factor, the helmet, an essential element of protection for the pilot, is rarely worn.

Thursday, June 3, in order to force the necessary awareness of certain drivers, the gendarmerie forces set up controls in the Cripple Gate and Savannah area.

These operations involving around twenty gendarmes more specifically targeted offenses related to two-wheelers. The inspection of 25 vehicles led to the observation of an offense on 17 of them (not wearing a helmet, absence of vehicle registration document or driving licence, lack of insurance, driving under the influence of narcotics and possession of narcotics) .

The security forces also deplore 2 aggravated refusals to comply. The drivers took reckless risks to evade control, thereby posing risks to the physical integrity of the personnel involved. All of the protagonists were arrested. All of the findings led to the seizure of 5 two-wheelers and three police custody.

These operations will continue in the coming days.

Vincent Berton, Prefect of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin, calls for the mobilization of all Saint-Martinois to respect safety rules and to adopt civic behavior on the road. 

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