ROAD SAFETY / SXM FESTIVAL: Road checks for everyone's safety


From March 8 to 12, 2023, Saint-Martin hosts the SXM Festival on its territory. This event brings together a large number of tourists every year in a festive atmosphere. This must remain compatible with the safety of people, festival-goers or residents, through compliance with the Highway Code.

Risky driving, in particular under the influence of an alcoholic state or under the influence of narcotics, is particularly dangerous for all road users.

In 2022, all fatal accidents in Saint-Martin involved at least one person who had consumed alcohol or narcotics. For everyone's safety, these behaviors should therefore be banned. Festival-goers are therefore encouraged to organize themselves in advance by designating someone as a driver or by using the many taxis contracted with the organizers of the SXM Festival.

The responsible behavior of everyone must remain an absolute priority on the road in order to avoid tragedies, and to allow everyone to return home safe and sound for the party to be a success. For everyone's safety, the gendarmerie forces will therefore be particularly mobilized and regular road checks will be carried out throughout the festival period.

Following several events in recent weeks, the Prefect Vincent Berton recalls the extremely serious nature of the refusals to comply which endanger the author, the gendarmes but also all the people present in the controlled area.

Such facts expose the offenders to heavy criminal consequences that can go as far as prison sentences.

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