HEALTH SAFETY: Strong involvement of the ARS alongside drinking water producers


For two days, the Regional Health Agency will get involved alongside the people responsible for the production and distribution of drinking water in Guadeloupe, Marie Galante, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy to raise awareness stakeholders and advance the important subject of the continued quality of water supplied to the population.

In partnership with the International Water Office based in Limoges, the Agency invited yesterday Tuesday April 16 and Wednesday April 17, to the SMGEAG headquarters, all political decision-makers and their technical collaborators in charge of the production of drinking water throughout our territories around the issues: guaranteeing the quality of water regularly made available by controlling infrastructure and procedures; establish the associated water safety management plans.

These water health safety management plans (PGSSE) are in fact a new tool made compulsory by a ministerial decree of January 2023. They must cover all stages of water production ranging from the capture of the raw resource in sea, underground or in river, to the consumer's tap, via treatment units and transport pipes.

Each producer must know and describe all the steps as well as the processes to manage environmental, material or human risks in advance and thus compensate for any failure.

The concrete implementation of these management plans is expected no later than July 2027 for the catchment areas and in January 2029 for the production or distribution units. These proactive actions help restore greater trust between the population and operators.

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