SECURITY: Everything you need to know about delinquency figures in 2023


In the presence of the vice-prosecutor of the Republic, Yann Burnichon, the captain of the gendarmerie, François Deneufgermain and the 4th vice-president of the Community, Michel Petit (in charge of the Solidarity and Families delegation, editor's note), the delegated prefect of the Islands from the North, Vincent Berton revealed the delinquency figures for 2023 during a press conference organized last Wednesday at the prefecture.

Like every year, the State representative presented to the press the delinquency report for the year 2023. Here are the main figures to remember.

Concerning intentional attacks on the physical integrity of people, “they are an increase of 14,5% compared to 2022, i.e. 1043 acts recorded by the police compared to 911 in 2022”, underlines the prefect. In this category, we distinguish between villainous physical violence (robbery, theft of money, etc.), these are stable with 117 incidents in 2023 compared to 113 in 2022. On the other hand, non-villainous physical violence jumped by 23 % (1 in 639 against 2023 in 519). “Intra-family violence is a major subject in Saint-Martin as in Saint-Barthélemy,” specifies Vincent Berton. “This indicator is very high. It can also be explained by the freedom of speech of the victims. Any further  of people take the plunge today and do not hesitate to file a complaint.” For his part, Yann Burnichon, the vice-prosecutor, specified that “the priority of the prosecution was to deal with this violence as quickly as possible to better protect the victims and thus prevent the recurrence of new facts”. Note that sexual violence is also increasing  23,5% with 63 facts recorded in 2023 compared to 51 in 2022. Finally, with regard to blackmail and threats, the figures are essentially identical: 224 in 2023 compared to 228 in 2022.

Concerning scams and similar offenses, these increased by 47,2% last year, going from 123 facts recorded in 2022 to 181 facts in 2023. As for offenses against drug legislation, we note also an increase in the facts observed: 146 in 2023 compared to 127 in 2022. “We must fight tirelessly against drug trafficking, intervene on all points of the deal”, underlined in turn the representative of the State, of the Community, Justice and Gendarmerie.

On the other hand, property crimes are decreasing. Over the year 2023, 1307 incidents were recorded by the gendarmes compared to 1367 in 2022. Non-violent thefts are 1072 in 2023 compared to 1150 in 2022. Motor car thefts are also down: 599 in 2023 compared to 728 in 2022. Thefts with weapons (firearms, knives or by destination) are also down by 16,7% with 70 incidents in 2023 compared to 84 in 2022. “This is explained by the arrest of several individuals responsible for numerous armed robbery (VAMA),” explains Captain Deneufgermain.

On the other hand, we note a slight increase in burglaries going from 120 incidents in 2022 to 133 in 2023, as well as for non-violent thefts against people (thefts of opportunity): 270 in 2023 compared to 234 in 2022. As for thefts with violence, the figures are almost identical from one year to the next: 109 in 2023 and 108 in 2022.

Note a clear increase in violent unarmed thefts and destruction and damage, respectively + 62% (5 incidents in 24 to 2022 in 39) and + 2023% (15 incidents in 6 to 109 in 2022).

As part of the fight against delinquency, the rate of resolution of investigations by the gendarmerie is 48,37% compared to 48,63% in 2022.  Figures practically in balance despite the increase in overall delinquency. This resolution rate concerns AVIP, attacks on property, public peace and serious crime.

Road safety: alarming figures

We must not hide our faces, the results of accidents occurring in 2023 in the region are cause for concern. Indeed, we deplore 31 bodily accidents with 7 killed (3 in light vehicles, 3 in two-wheelers and a pedestrian), and 34 injured, compared to 22 bodily accidents, 4 killed and 20 injured in 2022. Note that 42% of fatal accidents in 2023 are linked to two-wheelers while it was 100% in 2022. 8% of the offenses recorded are linked to alcohol or drugs.

In total, 2253 offenses were recorded in 2023 compared to 1418 in 2022 (+60%).

Finally, to complete these figures, you should know that the gendarmes carried out 5547 interventions in 2023, compared to 4989 in 2022 (+558), i.e. an average of 15 interventions per day over the year.

6041 hours were devoted to the fight against road insecurity by law enforcement, i.e. +12% compared to 2022.

Around 5000 alcohol screenings and 400 drug screenings led to an increase in positive results of 22% and 52%._AF


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