Security: Vast operation of controls of the gendarmerie!


At the request of the vice-prosecutor of Saint-Martin, about twenty active gendarmes and reservists carried out, last week, the control of all the users circulating on the RN 7, at the level of Hope Estate.

"This operation is both preventive, educational and also repressive," said the captain, Franck Gouwy, head of the territorial reserve company (see below).

"We are there to identify all the offenses that can generate accidents but also to fight delinquency"!

Putting "blue" at the edge of roads generally produces its effect and makes it possible to obtain results in terms of road safety but also of repression of bad behavior, in particular from the point of view of alcoholism, narcotics, without forgetting the small clever people carrying in their vehicle equipment and other objects "fallen from the truck" after Irma.

73 reservists in Saint-Martin, a "first"!

Coming from the different regions of Metropolitan France, seventy-three in all have been selected from among XNUMX volunteers. To cope with Hurricane Irma, the Gendarmerie decided to innovate! It has just set up a first territorial reserve company, "created to provide reinforcement to the various active systems". Until now, reservists have been directly incorporated into various existing units.

Arriving last September 27 in Saint-Martin, this first territorial reserve company will mainly provide "general surveillance, security and intervention missions". _AF

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